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Cybersecurity Protection

Proven IT can help protect your business.

Why Cybersecurity?

In today’s increasingly connected world, cybersecurity is a concern for every business regardless of size or industry. It’s no longer a question of if your business will be attacked, but when. Cybercriminals know that companies are working hard to secure endpoints and users against external threats and are getting increasingly creative to find new gaps to exploit.

Our proven security solutions can keep your business safe, help you to understand your vulnerabilities, and create a strategy to protect your business and critical data.

How Do We Manage Cybersecurity?

Our experience and state-of-the-art protection technology can help protect your business and data. Continuous visibility and verification recognize approved users and monitor system activity to provide an early warning system. We work to prevent attacks by deceiving attackers and isolating systems, but if an attack should occur, we confirm risks and quickly respond to contain incidents. Our cybersecurity team stays on top of current threats and will work to keep your systems, software, and users updated and protected.

Cybersecurity eBook For Beginners

Download your FREE guide now and learn how to manage and monitor your confidential data and security events remotely.

Common Challenges We Solve

Cybersecurity is a must in a connected workplace. Many businesses are facing common challenges that include:

Untrained Employees

Large and small organizations understand that employees are a potential weak link in their IT security. We can help make your employees an integral part of your security strategy.

Risk Awareness

Our proven systems will help you prevent, detect, and respond to external and internal threats that could harm your ability to access the data you need to operate.

Endpoint Security

Endpoints like laptops, desktops, smartphones, printers, and virtual environments are especially vulnerable to attack. Our endpoint security solutions include antivirus, anti-malware, and web filtering solutions.

Email Protection

Email is the leading threat vector for many types of attacks including ransomware, phishing, and other advanced threats. Proven IT can help you protect your email, infrastructure, users, data and brand.

Proven Cybersecurity Solutions

When you partner with Proven IT for your cybersecurity you will experience benefits like:

Productivity Gains

  •  Get back up and running quickly after an attack.
  • Educate your team to recognize and respond to threats before they impact your business.
  • Identify threats that can negatively impact productivity.

Cost Savings

  • Eliminate the costs associated with downtime.
  • Outsourcing security costs less than hiring an in-house team.
  • A breach can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars.

Risk Mitigation

  • Our holistic approach provides industry-leading measures to protect your data & your business.
  • Educating employees can significantly reduce risk.
  • Risk is mitigated by 24/7 network monitoring.
  • Darkweb monitoring as a risk mitigator.
  • Keeping 3rd party software, infrastructure, and anti-virus up to date lowers vulnerabilities.
Proven IT

Request a 30-minute discovery meeting to discuss an effective cybersecurity strategy for your business.

When you partner with Proven IT for cybersecurity protection you’ll enjoy experienced, certified, professional technicians who prioritize your business and offer personal service. Our people are among the best in the nation at what they do.