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License Plate Recognition

Can you filter wanted & unwanted vehicles by their license plate?

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) helps you control access and enforce parking rules.

Assigned parking for your employees is a perk that can improve morale and increase productivity. If your building has a limited supply, installing a license plate recognition system can help you to control access and enforce parking rules. A fixed license plate recognition device installed at the entry and exit of your facility can help you control access.

In a gated facility, ALPR will read and process parking permits and reservations by comparing license plates to an active database. The license plate becomes the access credential, replacing a physical or digital permit. In a non-gated facility, enforcement officers can verify permits or reservations using handheld or in-vehicle-based technology.

An automated license plate recognition system will do all the heavy lifting. Keep track of who is coming and going and take complete control over your parking operation!

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Common Vehicle Recognition Challenges

As part of a comprehensive physical security plan for your business, ALPR is another layer of security. The ability to record and associate a license plate and image of the vehicle with a violation notice improves accuracy and reduces disputes.
Here are some common parking challenges businesses share:

Lost Vehicles

In a large facility, your visitor may not remember where they parked. License Plate Recognition can help. Simply enter the vehicle's license plate into a parking pay station, find my car kiosk, or mobile app.

Parking Delays

ALPR can provide a frictionless parking experience for your staff and visitors. With a frictionless system, they can move freely from point A to point B without limitations, delays, or physical touchpoints.

Inefficient Parking Enforcement

Without any system, patrol officers must manually check each license plate against a database of authorized vehicles, account for special rules associated with a permit type, and photograph infractions for future reference. An ALPR solution eliminates these hassles by automating the process.

Proven License Plate Recognition Benefits

Here are some additional automated license plate recognition (ALPR) benefits:

Productivity Gains

  • Employees can enter and park in their assigned spots for a frictionless parking experience. This means no more late arrivals due to parking searches!
  • Parking enforcement becomes easier, taking less time and freeing staff to focus on other priorities.
  • Unwanted vehicles are automatically deterred based on their license plate credentials.

Cost Savings

  • LPR software allows you to have direct access to various data. This includes frequency of visits, peak parking days and times, popular parking spots within the garage, and more. This can help you to accurately manage your pricing strategy to maximize revenue.
  • Automated operation allows you to hire fewer enforcement officers or reassign them to areas of your business that focus on core tasks or need physical security.

Risk Mitigation

  • When combined with License Plate Association technology, ALPR can anticipate when a vehicle is expected to arrive and accurately compare and match a list of cars expected to arrive on a particular date and time.
  • A Proven IT ALPR system allows your team to configure security notifications and control access with comprehensive lists, keeping visitors and staff safe. Lists can be configured to block non-permit holders or those banned from the property and notify you of vehicles attempting to tailgate through a gated system.
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