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Environmental Alarms

Is Environmental Monitoring Part of Your Comprehensive Security Strategy?

Environmental alarms and sensors protect your business and give you peace of mind.

Sensitive IT infrastructure, like your server room or data center, are critical environments that should be monitored and protected around the clock. Many other environments like production and warehouse areas also need protection.

Building a system that includes monitoring systems and smart sensors for temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage, power voltage, burglary, and many other aspects can protect your business and property from unexpected disasters.

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Common Environmental Challenges Facing Business Today

Maintaining a safe and secure environment for your people and your assets isn’t easy.
Neither is preparing for an unexpected hazard.
Here are some common environmental challenges facing businesses today.

Employee Safety

Hazard alarms keep your employees safe, whether it's smoke, carbon monoxide, or a toxic gas leak. Monitored environmental sensors can keep everyone safe and secure.

Property Damage

Storms are getting more intense, and property damage can happen at any time. Flood, fire and air intake sensors can help protect your property by alerting you when there is a problem.

Unoccupied or Remote Locations

Sensors are only effective if they are monitored. This is vital in a remote location where theft or damage could take hours or days to discover. With a monitored system, you can be notified the moment a situation occurs.

Proven Solutions

Let us design an environmental monitoring solution to protect your property and employees. Proven IT offers proven people, proven process and proven technology to protect you.

Temperature Alarm Systems

These sensors monitor sudden and severe increases or decreases in temperature. Sensors can be placed in any room where temperature needs to be controlled. Monitor cold storage, freezers, computer rooms, and more.

Humidity Alarm Systems

These systems can help prevent mold growth in damp areas like around heating and cooling units. Use these types of sensors to maintain exact humidity in greenhouses, storage spaces, and other areas.

Carbon Monoxide Systems

A toxic gas leak in your home or business can be deadly. Specialized sensors can keep employees safe, whether it's propane, natural gas, or carbon dioxide.

Flood Alarm Systems

These sensors can detect leaks or flooding before it develops into serious and expensive water damage. Water level and moisture sensors provide immediate alerts when moisture is detected, or water reaches a certain level.

Proven Alarm Benefits

A Proven IT Solution can help you enjoy benefits including:

Proactive Response

  • Notification of a hazard before real damage occurs can keep your business operational in the event of a disaster.
  • Employees can be notified should a threat occur to prevent harm and legal exposure.

Cost Savings

  • Avoid damage to physical or digital assets causing financial loss with advanced notification systems.
  • Savings may also include lower repair costs, less downtime and insurance savings.

Risk Mitigation

  • Installing essential life safety device sensors like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can eliminate danger to your employees.
  • Moisture and flood sensors can reduce the incidence and costs of property damage and fix problems before they become costly.
Proven IT

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When you partner with Proven IT for an environmental monitoring system, our experienced security experts start with a threat assessment before designing a system to meet your business’s specific needs.