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Access Control

Do You Have an Access Control Policy in Place?

Access control keeps your people and your business safe from bad actors

Access control is a vital element of a comprehensive security strategy. In the same way that a guest list only allows certain guests into a concert, access control policies clarify who can access specific areas of your office or property. Access control policies protect physical spaces by letting the right people in and keeping the wrong people out.

Perimeter and interior entryway access management provides controlled access, increased accountability, instantaneous site wide lock down capabilities, and increased peace of mind.

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Common Security Challenges Solved with Access Controls

Today, security issues can be challenging to deal with. Providing a secure entry to any business property has become the norm. Here are some challenges will be solved with a proven access control strategy.

Unwanted Visitors

One of the common ways bad actors gain access to your office is through employee access areas. Identifying and keeping intruders out can be achieved with effective access control.

Employee Risks

Can your employees wander throughout your facility? Access controls can restrict who can go where to protect your physical and digital assets.

No Visibility

Combining an access system with video surveillance provides a powerful layer of protection to prevent avoidable incidents.

Proven Access Control Solutions

With a strong access control strategy your organization will enjoy several benefits including:

Visitor Vetting

• Allow the people you want to enter and not the ones you don’t.
• Make your employees feel more secure.
• Greatly reduce the risk of trespassing, theft, and violent crime on your property.

Employee Restrictions

• Prevent vandalism, theft or physical harm by restricting when and where they have access.
• Protect confidential information such as employee record, financial reporting and customer information in hard copy of digital formats.
• Simplify adoption with multiple access mediums including key cards, facial recognition and digital entry codes.

Data Reporting

• Get the insights you need on a single point or access multi-site access environments at the touch of a button.
• 24x7 real time data insights to make intelligent security decisions.
• Leverage AI and predictive analytics reporting to take proactive stance against crime.
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