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Video Security

Does your video surveillance system meet your needs?

Protect, detect, deter and alert with proven video surveillance solutions.

Without a video security system in place, your property, your people and your business is left unprotected from criminal activity such as theft, vandalism, fraud, and accidents. Video cameras are often at the core of every physical security system. From single site to multi-site applications, video puts you in control with the visibility you need before, during and after an incident occurs.

When properly selected, configured, and maintained, intelligent IP based video is critical to onsite safety and security protection. Todays advanced IP video cameras can accurately detect and trigger deterrents. New capabilities include audio, lights, lockdown, alert notification, 2-way talking and integrated notifications for security guards and law enforcement.

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Security Challenges Facing Businesses Today

A lack of cameras or older technology often causes poor quality capture, difficulty searching video, and more.

Lack of Integration

Integrating cameras, alarms, sensors, and other equipment will make your physical security system more effective.

Non-Scalable Technology

Your video system needs to change as your needs change, and your business evolves. Scalability of your video system should be a priority when investing in any security solution.

Outdated Equipment

If your system is just a few years old, you are probably using outdated technology. Video technology has rapidly evolved. The latest processors give near-instant results when filtering through footage for meaningful activity.

Proven IT Security Solutions

With a wide range of security cameras, including indoor and outdoor domes, panoramic fisheyes, and discreet minis, we can assemble a solution that offers 100% coverage.

Our systems are limitless, smart, scalable, and simple. Improve efficiency with powerful analytics that bring simplicity and speed to any investigations across your entire organization.

Simple sharing of live camera feeds from any device. Share with first responders, or export and email MP4s. View historical people-based activity to distribute locations prone to crowding for sanitation scheduling.

Here are some key features and benefits you’ll enjoy with a Proven IT Video Security solution:

Monitor From Anywhere

Access footage from any mobile device, tablet, or computer, no downloads needed.

Automatic Updates

Never worry about security gaps. Automatic firmware updates keep everything up-to-date and cyber-secure.

Camera Status

Always know the status and health of your cameras, including alerts when offline.

Instant Smart Alerts

Receive a notification when a camera detects suspicious motion or tampering.

Simple Set-Up

No NVRs/DVRs, thick clients, or added configurations, just a PoE connection.

Instantly Share Feeds

In an emergency, share live footage easily via SMS or email.
Proven IT

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