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Document and Records Management

Maintain compliance from capture to archiving with a Document Management solution.

Are Your Documents and Records Secure and Accessible?

Every business, regardless of industry or size, has faced document management challenges in its day-to-day operations. In today’s complex business world, we are constantly bombarded with information from different sources in many formats. All this information must be captured, verified, discarded, or stored in an organized way. Even with a Document Management system, many businesses continue to rely on paper processes which can lead to inefficiencies. An effective document management strategy can solve the increasing number of documents needed to be managed.

What is Document and Records Management?

Document and Records management is a system of software and processes used to capture, track, classify, and store digital documents like PDFs, word processing documents, and digital images of paper-based content. A Document Management system puts all your business information into a centralized location, ensuring that your team works on the same information. Centralizing and organizing information allows you to maintain a source of truth for your organization. A well-designed system is an intuitive platform where your team can easily find and share files, track versions, collaborate and share content links.

How can it help your business?

With a Document and Records management system, you can streamline the records lifecycle from records creation to final disposition, promoting compliance across all stages of your content creation process. Using Record Management tools, you can auto-set retention, generate reports and easily manage compliance.

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Common Document Management Challenges

Our proven document and records management solutions can help in the following areas:

File Management Chaos

Many organizations rely on individuals to maintain and handle documents. This can result in lost information, working on non-active versions, and duplicating content in numerous locations. A Document Management system can help organize your information into a searchable, central location.

Long Process Times

Paper documents can waste a lot of time. From receiving multiple approvals to maintaining, storing, and searching for information, manual paper-based processes are inefficient. A Document Management system can streamline the document cycle significantly, allowing your team to complete more work in less time.

Process Inconsistency

Failure to implement a consistent policy throughout your organization can create chaos. A Document and Records Management system standardizes how documents are managed, controlled, shared, monitored, titled, versioned, and more.

Document Traceability and Retrieval

This is one of the biggest and most important challenges facing businesses today. It is crucial to trace and retrieve documents throughout their lifecycle. Document Management solutions track changes, authorizations, and approvals. This is one of the major benefits you'll enjoy.


of productivity loss are due to document issues.


of all paper documents created are lost. This can be devastating if you are required to produce documentation for audits or compliance.


of business owners surveyed want to access files remotely.

Proven Document and Records Management Solutions

When you implement a Proven IT Document and Records Management solution, you'll enjoy many benefits including:

Productivity Gains

  • Centralized content means your team can log on and work from anywhere at any time. They can easily find files, keep track of versions, collaborate, and share content links.
  • Streamlined content lifecycles from creation to final disposition, automated document management can provide compliance across all stages of your content, with extensive records management tools to auto-set retention schedules and generate reports.
  • Less time spent searching for documents means more time to focus on mission-critical tasks

Cost Savings

  • Automating document management means less staff time spent on manual data input, searching, and generating reports.
  • Reduces costly human errors with advantages such as proper version control and rekeying information.
  • You’ll also reduce printing and copying costs with digital copies. Information is easily retrievable from a centralized database by anyone with authorization saving both time and money.
  • Eliminate hardcopy storage costs with digital documents.

Risk Mitigation

  • Setting a strong enterprise-level view of document management including rules and protocols can streamline processes and standardize document policies, cutting manual steps and reducing risk.
  • Capturing document chain of custody and revision history can create a complete and thorough record in the event questions come up in the future.
  • Documents stored on the cloud can only be accessed by authorized users and can be encrypted for an added layer of protection.
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