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Document Scanning Services

Convert volumes of paper documents into digital files at your fingertips

Convert your paper files from the past into digital files for the future.

Stop searching through boxes of paper files with our backfile scanning services that make it easy to convert all your hardcopy documents into searchable, retrievable digital files.

We help you clear the clutter, stop the frustration of searching through paper boxes, and of course eliminate the physical space required to store your information in a paper format. Our scanning specialists use a proven, secure process to identify, inventory, and convert your existing paper records into organized digital files so your information is at your fingertips

How does Backfile Scanning Work?

We start by conducting an on-site visit at your location to determine the volume, type, and amount of paper boxes you want to digitize.

Working with you and your team, we’ll determine the volume and types of documents you want to scan, we arrange to pick them up and bring them to our secure scanning facility where they are scanned and indexed. Every page is checked for paper clips, sticky notes, binding, tears, folds, and other abnormalities prior to being scanned to maximize the scan quality.

Once scanned, you receive an organized digital version of your documents using the indexing structure you prefer to make it easy to search and retrieve any document in a digital format.

We also give you the option of having your paper boxes returned to your location or you can leverage our secure document destruction process which includes an official Certificate of Destruction for your records.

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Common Paper Storage Challenges

Struggling with the volume of paper records your organization has accumulated?
Maybe you can relate to these challenges we solve.

Search & Retrieval Difficulty

Searching for paper files can be time consuming and frustrating. Once converted to a digital format, you can instantly locate documents when you need them.

Security Vulnerabilities

Left unprotected, confidential paper-based records such as corporate financial information, employee records, and customer information can cause a breach.

Storage Space Required

Most businesses fail to attach a value to the floor space required to house hardcopy documents in filing cabinets and bankers’ boxes filled with paper records

Lost Documents

It’s estimated that 7% of paper documents are lost due to unstructured filing processes that could be avoided with a structured digital repository.

Proven Scanning Solutions

It’s time to digitize your documents from the past to enjoy these benefits.

Productivity Gains

  • Structured indexing & storage.
  • Immediate access vs. searching.
  • Avoid recreating lost documents.

Security Protection

  • Reduce the risk of lost or stolen documents.
  • User access & tiered access available.
  • Avoid flood, fire & physical damage.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Timeless storage.
  • Instant readiness & recovery.
  • Automated workflow opportunities.
Proven IT

Request a 30-minute discovery meeting to discuss your current inventory of paper records and what you’re trying to accomplish.

When you partner with Proven IT for backfile scanning services, you’ll not only benefit from the latest scanning procedures, but you’ll also benefit from the experience of our scanning team that brings the industry knowledge, security procedures and technology you need to achieve your goals.