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Intelligent Content Capture

Are You Putting Your Content to Work?

Work smarter with Intelligent Content Capture.

An Intelligent Content Capture (ICC) solution from Proven IT increases the efficiency of your company’s data capture and utilization from the onset. By extracting relevant data in real-time, your end users enjoy instantaneous availability to be more efficient and better manage processes. ICC is the precursor to creating an intelligent automation strategy for your business.

What is Intelligent Content Capture?

Intelligent Content Capture can help you work smarter and more effectively by capturing and organizing data and creating a centralized database for your business’s content. The process uses digital tools to automatically read, capture, and organize critical information from numerous incoming data sources. With the right tools, you can extract relevant information from printed or hand-written documents and electronic documents.

Using optical character recognition, data extraction becomes almost immediate without manual interaction. Machine learning is built into these tools so AI can develop over time that can improve processing capacity, accuracy, and speed. The extracted data is then routed to the channels where it is validated and sent to relevant users or workflows.

What does it do for your business?

Intelligent Content Capture allows your organization to take steps toward creating a more efficient, better data management process. It’s the precursor for creating an intelligent automation strategy for your business. Intelligent Content Capture can boost productivity, lower costs, and streamline workflows.

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Challenges Intelligent Content Capture Solves

Can you recognize these common challenges that Intelligent Content Capture solves?

Disorganized Data

Your business receives information through multiple channels every day. Intelligent Content Capture can help to organize that data so that it can become an asset for making better-informed decisions.

Inefficient Error-Prone Processes

Manual processes are slow, monotonous, and error-prone. Automating processes with Intelligent Content Capture can eliminate human error and speed up processing time.


More businesses are being required to comply with state and federal regulations. Intelligent content capture creates easily findable, centralized information like audits, user logs, and more.

Information Security Concerns

Intelligent information routing allows only users who are authorized to gain access to specific information to view and verify. It protects against breaches by encrypting incoming data, logging it, and storing it in a central location.


of top business performers say intelligent content capture is a critical element of digital transformation.


of daily productivity loss is due to document issues.


of organizations surveyed say they scan and capture information on demand, as needed.

Proven Intelligent Content Capture Solutions

Here's how your organization can benefit.

Productivity Gains

  • Intelligent Content Capture can eliminate manual tedious, time-consuming tasks. This frees your team’s time to focus on mission-critical tasks like growing your business.
  • A single point of capture allows artificial intelligence to teach itself to identify different types of documents and where important information is found. The process becomes seamless and streamlines workflows saving time and boosting productivity.
  • Improves organization-wide interaction. As more companies adopt a hybrid workforce, Intelligent Content Capture helps facilitate collaboration independent of location. This makes remote talent more accessible, and productive.

Cost Savings

  • Intelligent Content Capture reduces overhead costs. Automation reduces the need to add staff as incoming data increases. Printing data for processing manually, and storage adds to your overhead. Digitizing incoming data can help cut these overhead costs.
  • Intelligent Content Capture allows a single platform to support users and processes enterprise-wide. The data capture, verification, and routing process are simplified and the learning curve for different software is eliminated, lowering training costs.
  • Eliminate manual re-keying and error-prone, manual processes that may result in costly errors.

Risk Mitigation

  • Error-free classification of inbound data allows Intelligent Content Capture software to provide better quality, safer data. The data is linked to an audit trail to ensure compliance. Digitization improves security and allows hassle-free tracking making compliance easy and accurate.
  • Content routing means only authorized users can access particular data. By encrypting incoming data, it protects against data breaches and data loss by safely logging all the data coming into your organization and storing it in one place.
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