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Hybrid Work

Are You Ready for the Hybrid Workplace?

Create a remote technology strategy.

Organizations may have concerns about maintaining corporate culture and community as they expand their hybrid work models. Without water cooler chats and opportunities for collaboration and interaction among colleagues, it can be challenging to facilitate cross-pollination and new ideas.

A Proven IT Hybrid Work solution can help. With technology like VoIP and Unified Communications, we help organizations enjoy the best of both worlds as we bring the office and virtual worlds together.

What is Hybrid Work?

Today, hybrid work is an accepted business model. It is a flexible approach that supports a blend of in-office, remote, and on-the-go mobile workers. It offers employees flexibility and the option to work from anywhere they can be productive. With a hybrid model, team members can migrate between locations depending on their needs.

The hybrid work model can take different forms depending on your organization and the work you do. To adapt, you must adopt the technology to keep your remote team safe, productive, and engaged.

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Common Hybrid Work Challenges

Here are some challenges businesses face when adopting a hybrid work model:

Employee Isolation

While many employees enjoy the flexibility that hybrid work offers, many say they sometimes feel isolated or disconnected. New methods of communication, including real-time video conferencing, can help bridge the gap.

Heightened Cyber Risks

Cyber attacks and related pitfalls like lost data are more likely when working and communicating remotely. Companies need to stay on top of software updates, password management, and techniques like multi-factor authentication to lower risks. Create a remote technology strategy.

Difficulty Maintaining Productive Routines

Work-life integration comes with its own set of challenges for both employees and managers. Companies need to establish new arrangements that satisfy communication and the personal lives of teammates, which creates a newly added layer of work.


of companies reported an increase in cyberattacks since enabling remote working.


of workers surveyed would consider leaving their company if they had to return to the office full-time.


of knowledge workers want to return to the office part-time for activities, like team building, collaboration, and connection to peers.

Proven IT Hybrid Work Solutions

We can help you to enjoy:

Productivity Gains

  • Technology and tools can help employees and management stay up to date on who is doing what and track daily progress.
  • Hybrid work gives employees the option to schedule appointments or run quick errands on certain days, giving them a better work/life balance and increasing productivity.
  • The hybrid model has redefined how organizations measure performance. By supporting teams with the resources they need and pinpointing who is responsible for what project, employees feel empowered, and productivity is boosted.

Cost Savings

  • Fewer employees in the office is allowing businesses to reduce physical space leading to lower rental expenses.
  • Employees are spending less time and money commuting, reducing corporate expense reimbursements.
  • Virtual technologies allow employees and clients to meet virtually, significantly reducing travel costs.

Risk Mitigation

  • Cloud-based technology solutions have the latest security technologies built directly into their platforms, reducing risk.
  • Rather than addressing risks individually, opting for an end-to-end solution with a single provider can deal with risks across your communication and collaboration chain.
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