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Unified Communications

Are Your Communications Optimized for the New Hybrid Workforce?

Unified Communications can help your team work better together.

Our Unified Communications solutions will bring your communications to the next level. Our solutions are easy to use, scalable, and very affordable and include video, phone, and chat integration. We can help you increase productivity, keep your teams connected and collaborating, integrate remote workers, and do it all for a lower cost.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) is an umbrella term that covers multiple integrated communications tools like voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, content sharing, and more into a single streamlined interface with the express goal of improving the user experience and productivity. UC technology allows users to switch between communications modes seamlessly within a single session, whether on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

Many systems also integrate with third-party business apps, like project management software, to enable the centralization of information and resources, resulting in more efficient workflows and more productive employees. The end-user has easy, immediate access to all the tools they need in a consistent interface and environment on any device from any physical location. 

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Common Business Communication Challenges

Here are four challenges businesses face with older legacy systems that can be solved with a Unified Communications solution.

Ongoing Maintenance

Legacy systems require upgrades, service, replacement parts, and a skill set to keep them running. A UC solution uses current technology, has a clear upgrade path, is lower in cost to install and operate, and has more features.

Legacy Systems Inefficiencies

Non-integrated communications can work, but app switching is inefficient. Toggling between your phone, web meeting tools, and mobile collaboration apps can take more time than it saves. With a UC solution, you'll enjoy more productive employees.

 System Inflexibility

Legacy systems cannot support the needs of modern employees. They are costly and it is difficult to scale services. It's also tough to provide service to your remote workforce. Flexible UC solutions address all these challenges.


Legacy systems are harder to update, maintain, and secure. System breaks or security breaches can cause downtime leading to a loss of reputation and revenue. UC systems bundle all your mission-critical technology into a single all-in-one platform.


of organizations are moving substantial portions of their UC solutions to the cloud.


of companies with traditional phone systems plan to adopt VoIP, cloud communications, and UC at the end of their current contracts.

Proven Unified Communications Solutions

With a Proven UC solution, you'll enjoy benefits like:

Productivity Gains

  • UC means your team can switch seamlessly between apps from a single interface. This allows real-time collaboration boosting productivity.
  • Employees can access messaging, video meetings, and place calls from anywhere in the world on any device.
  • A Unified Communications platform will boost employee morale, engagement, and satisfaction, leading to increased productivity.

Cost Savings

  • Unified Communications eliminates the cost of PBX phones and on-premise systems, including all the associated costs like specialized IT staff, repair, and maintenance costs, and on-site storage space.
  • An on-premises system puts you at the mercy of your machines. With a cloud-based UC solution, you’ll eliminate costly downtime and business disruption.
  • UC services are easily and affordably scalable. That means you only pay for what you use. Service can be scaled up for busy seasons, or down when it’s slow.

Risk Mitigation

  • UC integration makes it easier to apply a standard set of security policies across all communications applications including video, audio, chat, and more.
  • Tasks like security patches or compliance updates are simplified and easier to manage. Rather than updating and patching each application, with UC only one update is needed.
  • UC providers include the latest security embedded into their products. In fact, IT security is a core strength of UC.
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