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VoIP Solutions

Are You Still Using Legacy Telephone Technology?

Consider VoIP for faster, smarter communications.

VoIP protocol services from Proven IT allow you to quickly and easily communicate with customers, colleagues, and vendors over the internet. This is particularly beneficial for businesses using a hybrid work model with some employees working remotely.

Our VoIP solutions are scalable, feature-filled, and cost-efficient. To get started, we offer you a current technology usage assessment to determine upgrade paths, flexibility, scalability, mobility solutions, and more.

What is VoIP?

Voice-over internet protocol is a system that uses an internet connection to receive and place calls. If you have broadband, you can call anywhere in the world without traditional phone service or copper wires. All you need is a VoIP service provider to handle the calls.

How can VoIP benefit your business?

With VoIP service, you’re not bound to your desk. You can use your number with a business phone app to turn your computer or any other mobile device into a phone. VoIP converts your phone calls into data packets delivered via the internet and then converted back into audio at the receiving number. You can use ethernet cables, or if you have a strong WiFi signal, you can skip the cables.

VoIP does it all at a much lower cost than traditional PBX systems and has an advanced feature set you can’t get with traditional phone service.

Want a second opinion on your business technology?

Start your Self-Evaluation with our Virtual Workplace Tour and receive a customized “Opportunity Report” to create your own technology roadmap for the future. Takes less than 5 minutes per technology area!

Common Business Communication Challenges

VoIP addresses several key challenges facing businesses today, including:

Outdated Capabilities

Telephone infrastructure is over a century old. Older telephone technology is getting more expensive to fix. VoIP technology has a low cost of entry and expanded features you can't get with traditional phone systems.

Costly Legacy System

As technology ages, it gets more expensive to maintain if you can find the necessary parts. VoIP also uses broadband access to initiate and receive calls eliminating traditional phone costs.

Lack of Integration

Your landline can only do so much. VoIP is the hub of a unified communications strategy that can include video, voicemail, email to voice, and much more.

Replacement Costs

PBX systems are costly to replace or upgrade. VoIP offers a low cost of entry, and service can easily be scaled up or down as needed. You need a broadband connection and a VoIP-compatible device, and you're in business.


of companies are switching, or have switched to VoIP phone setups.


of phone startup costs can be reduced with VoIP.


is typically saved by businesses on their monthly phone costs.

Proven VoIP Solutions

With a Proven IT VoIP solution, you will enjoy benefits including:

Productivity Gains

  • VoIP means you’ll never miss another call. With call forwarding to any internet-enabled device, you can get that important call anywhere – at home, the office, or even the beach.
  • Exceptional call quality means no dropped calls, and you’ll always project a professional image.
  • With features like call routing, anonymous call rejection, auto attendant, business text messages, and more, your productivity will soar with VoIP!

Cost Savings

  •  With VoIP, you’ll never pay charges for long-distance or interstate fees. International calls can be made for less than half of the cost of traditional landlines.
  • Most providers offer advanced features like call routing, music on hold, and find-me-follow-me, which help smaller businesses appear professional and capable of delivering excellent service that will increase business.
  • With VoIP, there are no upfront expensive hardware costs. You can add phones instantly, update IVRs, and route calls to any location, all without any added expense or hardware.

Risk Mitigation

  • VoIP calls are broken down into data packets and sent over the internet to the receiving phone. Data packets are encrypted between nodes.
  • VoIP providers understand the potential issues they face so advanced security is built into the service. Encryption protocols and provider/network firewalls keep your phone data safe and secure.
Proven IT

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When you partner with Proven IT for VoIP services, you’ll enjoy the latest technology and features, and will also benefit from our experienced, certified, professional technicians who prioritize your business and offer personal service.