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Vulnerability Assessment

Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready to Meet Today's Business Needs?

Is it time for a second opinion?

Technology is rapidly evolving and becoming more complex. A comprehensive IT vulnerability assessment can help you understand where you are currently and help prepare you for your future technological needs. With Proven IT’s vulnerability assessment, our engineers and technicians will provide you with a thorough analysis of the current state of your technological infrastructure, including any gaps in your technology that might be impacting your growth, or opening you to risks.

What is an IT Vulnerability Assessment?

With a Proven IT vulnerability assessment, you’ll gain an understanding of where you currently stand technologically. We examine your current assets, network, and goals, and then create a plan to help you move your technology and infrastructure into alignment with your goals. We will let you know what technology is ready to be retired, and what new technology to integrate into your environment.

Once we assess your current state and understand your future business needs and goals, we can provide you with a technology plan that meets them and does it within your budget.

Want a second opinion on your business technology?

Start your Self-Evaluation with our Virtual Workplace Tour and receive a customized “Opportunity Report” to create your own technology roadmap for the future. Takes less than 5 minutes per technology area!

Common Challenges We Solve

As technology changes and rapidly evolves, many businesses are facing challenges with their critical infrastructure that can impact current and future growth. These include:

Security and Privacy

Improving network security is critical as threats continue to adapt and evolve. A vulnerability assessment can recognize gaps in your network and work to close them.

Business / Technology Alignment

Is your IT infrastructure aligned with your business needs now and into the future? An IT vulnerability assessment can help identify weak spots in your infrastructure and offer suggestions to improve.

Legacy Technology

Older technology may still work, but it provides no room for future upgrades. An assessment will help identify legacy technology in need of retirement.

Disaster Recovery

Trends show that nearly 50% of SMBs will face a cybersecurity attack. A vulnerability assessment can identify vulnerability gaps in your infrastructure and offer ways to close them.

Take a Proven IT Vulnerability Assessment

Get the fact-based, data-driven insights you need to benchmark your business.

Productivity Gains

  • Identify outdated technology that could be bottlenecking workflows.
  • Understanding risks can better help employees avoid issues that could impact productivity.
  • Uncover technology integration opportunities to boost system performance.

Cost Savings

  •  Reduce the risk of breach and the costs associated with a cyber attack.
  • Control IT spending and improve budget predictability with a holistic view of your IT infrastructure.
  • A vulnerability assessment can help you gain access to cost-effective solutions that provide an immediate and long-term return on investment.

Risk Mitigation

  • Identify, assess, and control risks to prevent issues in the future.
  • Examine vulnerabilities, interdependencies, and capability gaps so you can make better-informed decisions.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance requirements for your industry.
Proven IT

Request a 30-minute discovery meeting to discuss a vulnerability assessment.

With a Proven IT vulnerability assessment, you’ll gain valuable insight and direction. Your assessment is conducted by experienced, certified, professional technicians who prioritize your business and offer personal service. Our people are among the best in the nation at what they do.